Reservation Requests

Locker Reservations & Policies

Reservation Request

There are six (7) locker rooms total available in the Student Recreation Center and Sherrill Center. Four locker rooms have lockers available for daily use and annual rentals. Faculty/Staff and gender neutral locker rooms will be for daily use only. Members are strongly encouraged to secure all belongings.

  •     Student Recreation Center (101) – Men’s
  •     Student Recreation Center (103) – Women’s
  •     Student Recreation Center (108A) - Gender Neutral **
  •     Sherrill Center (308) – Men’s
  •     Sherrill Center (304) – Women’s
  •     Sherrill Center (334) – Men’s Faculty/Staff only **
  •     Sherrill Center (335) - Women’s Faculty/Staff only **

** SHE Faculty/staff locker rooms (334 & 335) and SRC Gender Neutral locker room are day use only.

Annual Lockers

  • May reserve a locker annually free of charge by completing this form.
  • Please notify the Campus Recreation Department if you plan to discontinue use of your locker.
  • Spring Cleaning: Patrons will be asked to empty their locker for approximately 1 week in May so all lockers can be cleaned thoroughly. Patrons will be notified by email and signs will be posted in advance.

Daily Lockers

  • Daily Lockers are available for all locker rooms.
  • Individuals may provide their own lock or can rent one with a valid Onecard.
  • All locks and locker contents must be removed by the end of each day.
  • Daily use lockers not cleared out by the end of each day are subject to removal of the lock and items in the locker.
  • Items will be disposed of at the facilities discretion.

Locker Room Policies

  • UNC Asheville is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal property.
  • All facility users are responsible for respecting and protecting the privacy and welfare of others.
  • Please, no cell phone or camera use while in the locker room.
  • For safety and sanitation reasons, no food is allowed in the locker rooms.
  • Lockers that are not renewed by the posted date will be cleared out and readied for rental.
  • Report suspicious individuals or activity to the Campus Recreation Staff.

Facility Rentals

The University welcomes off-campus groups when their work is compatible with or supplementary to the educational mission of the University. Below are the policies and prices for 2015-2016.

Racquetball Court Reservation

Please complete and submit this form to request a reservation time for one of the raquetball courts. Please note that this is a request and that confirmation of the request will be sent by the Member Services Coordinator via email or telephone communication within 24 hours of submitting the request. If you are hoping to reserve the court with less than 24 hour notification, please call 232-5106 immediately.