Meet Our Trainers

Jacob Boneau

Why I became a personal trainer: I became a personal trainer because I have been involved in sports my entire life but never really got “in shape.” Throughout my child hood, and into my teenage years, I was overweight and never felt comfortable in my body. Junior year of high school I finally decided I needed to make a change. I started going to the gym and watching YouTube videos about health and fitness and wanted to learn more. After a month or two of eating right and going to the gym, I saw some positive results, and was instantly addicted. Once I saw how this was changing my life, I began helping friends and family achieve their own health goals.

My Training Philosophy: My training philosophy is instead of wanting to be like someone else, try to be better than YOU were yesterday.

Favorite Exercises and Specialties: Strength training, barbell training, HIT(including sprints), plyometrics, agility training, free weights

Samantha Markowski

Sam M
Why I became a personal trainer: Fitness has been an integral part of my life for as long as I remember, from being a gymnast for
11+ years to playing volleyball throughout high school. Motivation has always been a huge
factor and I want to be that same motivation for others, help them sustain a lifelong habit, and
assist in reaching their full potential.

Training philosophy: My training philosophy is built around the principle of living a healthy lifestyle and my goals are
to influence those starting out and continuing their fitness journey in a positive way. I believe
that building a strong foundation of proper technique, followed by consistency and progression,
will allow you to achieve any fitness goal you set your mind to.

Favorite exercises/specialties: Lunges are my exercise of choice, but burpees come in a close second. I believe that lunges are
a great exercise because there are so many variations and progressions you can use to change
up your routine while still using the same muscle groups. Burpees are such a fun, yet
challenging full body exercise to really get your heart rate up. My specialties include
hypertrophy, endurance training, and HIIT.

Brooke Mathis

Why I became a personal trainer: Throughout my life, I’ve always been active but I started to really get involved in fitness during high school. During those years I ran cross country, competed as a sprinter on the track team, and got serious about weight training. Since then, fitness has been a huge passion of mine and a big part of my life. I really enjoy motivating and helping others achieve their goals because I love seeing people become the best versions of themselves. Fitness is so versatile, so it’s really all about finding out what you love and what you feel the best doing.

Training philosophy: Training isn’t always going to be easy, but it’s always going to be worth it. Not only for improving physical health, but for mental health as well. Progress over perfection is the key to developing beneficial and sustainable habits in your fitness journey.

Favorite exercises/specialties: My favorite exercise is the squat because it’s great at targeting and strengthening so many different muscle groups in the legs. It’s also a great staple exercise because you can perform so many different variations of it. My specialties include: hypertrophy, HIIT, running (both sprinting and long distance), and endurance exercises.

Reynaldo Calvillo-Uvalle

Why I want to be a personal trainer: In middle school I would go to football weight training sessions with the idea of joining the high school football team. Turns out I ended up not playing football. What I learned from those weight training sessions was the euphoria I felt afterwards. In high school I was on and off when it came to lifting but that changed once I came to college. I started getting more serious about my training and started seeing results. That part is what fascinated me, the ability of the human body to adapt.
What is my training philosophy: My training philosophy focuses on progression whether it’s fast or slow. Whether it’s progression on technique or on load, any type of progression is a win for me.
Favorite exercises and specialties: I enjoy almost all exercises that involve a barbell, but if I had to choose one exercise then I would choose the deadlift. You can’t cheat the deadlift, it’s just you versus gravity. My specialties include: strength training, hypertrophy training, core specific training, calisthenics (bodyweight training)and a little HIIT.