Meet Our Trainers

Reynaldo Calvillo-Uvalle

Why I became a personal trainer: In middle school, I would go to football weight training sessions with the idea of joining the high school football team. Turns out I ended up not playing football. What I learned from those weight training sessions was the euphoria I felt afterward. In high school, I was on and off when it came to lifting but that changed once I came to college. I started getting more serious about my training and started seeing results. That part is what fascinated me, the ability of the human body to adapt.
Training philosophy: My training philosophy focuses on progression whether it’s fast or slow. Whether it’s progression on technique or on load, any type of progression is a win for me.
Favorite exercises and specialties: I enjoy almost all exercises that involve a barbell, but if I had to choose one exercise then I would choose the deadlift. You can’t cheat the deadlift, it’s just you versus gravity. My specialties include strength training, hypertrophy training, core-specific training, calisthenics (bodyweight training), and HIIT.