Classes and Descriptions

To best meet the needs of our students and campus community, Campus Recreation facilities, classes, and activities, will only be available for currently registered students, faculty, and staff.  OLLI, Alumni, Spouses/Dependents, and Affiliate members, as well as Guests, can find more information by visiting COVID-19 Modifications.

View the current Fall 2021 Group Fitness Class Schedule and find the class that’s right for you!

Check out the tabs below to see which classes will be the best fit. Keep in mind that all instructors are able to offer modifications to their classes and anyone can attend any class they want. With all we have to offer, there is always a class for everyone!

You must have your OneCard to participate in group fitness classes.



Fluid Movement Vinyasa Yoga –  Fluid Movement Vinyasa Yoga is a class that combines yoga and fluid movements. Space will be held for you to move your body in a poetic rhythmic matter and to dance freely as your heart calls and flow through guided sun salutations. This is an uplifting judgment free class so come join to dance and practice yoga.

Morning Power Yoga – This fitness based yoga practice synchronizes breath with movement to build stamina, flexibility, as well as reduce stress. This style of yoga moves through various static and dynamic poses in order to gently challenge your body and mind at the same time. Use this class to wake up and start your day on the right foot. Open to all skill levels regardless of yoga experience. 

Vinyasa Flow Yoga – In this 60 minute all levels class, we will flow through various sequences with breath, intention, and music. Modifications will be offered which will address physical limitations or opportunities to make the practice more challenging. Participants can expect to leave class feeling rejuvenated and balanced.

Yoga for Meditation – Yoga for Meditation is a gentle class that utilizes yoga asanas, breath work, and a guided meditation to create an ideal environment for meditation practice. The class is suitable for all levels of yoga and meditation experience, including beginners.

Yin and Yang – A 60 minute all levels class that includes 30 minutes of Yang practice- an invigorating Vinyasa flow. Following 30 minutes of Yin, a slower practice focusing on the connective tissues and joints of the body. Through delving deeper into the body, we will begin to understand the nature of Yin and Yang, to discover how they reflect into our lives on and off of the yoga mat. 

Cardio & Strength

Bootcamp – This class will be focused on improving both muscular and cardiovascular strength and endurance by utilizing calisthenics (body weight) exercises and training methods. This class will be set up using stations in which different stations and participants will work their way through all stations in a single class period. Modifications can be made for all participants so that each class period is customized to each individual participant.

Circuit Training – This class is intended to be a low-impact, full body workout. Participants will rotate through various stations. The stations will include lower-body, upper-body, core and cardio workouts. The various exercises used can be easily modified based on ability levels to ensure a tailored workout for everyone involved.

Cycle – This class is a fun and stationary way to ride a bike and exercise.   This group fitness class utilizes stationary bikes for a variety of exercises such as sprints, climbs, tap-backs, and even some arm exercises. This class is very customizable and welcomes beginners, experts, and everyone in-between.

Lower Body Blast – Lower Body Blast is a 30 minute class for those looking for a rapid and satisfying lower-body workout.  Some equipment may be utilized, however no machines will be involved and body-weight exercises will be the primary mode of training. Beginner friendly with intermediate and advanced options for all skill levels.

Strong Core – This is a 30 minute class for those looking for a thorough core workout. The class includes a warm up and cool down and various exercises targeted at core and abdominal groups. Strong core is beginner friendly with intermediate and advanced options.

Functional Training – Functional training is a 60 minute class aimed at incorporating everyday movements into an upbeat, challenging, and fun fitness class. This specific kind of small group training is designed to focus on everyday movements such as jumping, pulling, pushing, squatting, and much much more. This class is designed for all fitness levels and includes modifications to fit the wants or needs of any participant.


POUND – POUND is a combination of cardio and weight training exercise approach that includes the use of rhythmic techniques. This class is designed to give participants a full body workout while often focusing on various upper body parts. This class is for you if you enjoy exercising to music and getting lost in the rhythm of new songs. It is open to all levels of experience and can be modified for each individual participant.

Zumba – This  class is based on latin dances from all around the world and will involve a variety of music. This class is high energy but is open to any level of dance experience. We will explore different latin dances, hip hop, and pop through this hour long class. The goal of this class is to move and have fun.