Esports Advisory Team

The Esport Advisory Team is composed of students, faculty, and staff from across campus.  The team serves in an advisory capacity to the Department of Campus Recreation on the strategic planning for the implementation and growth of esport programs for the university.  The team reviews opportunities and makes recommendations to the department on areas such as infrastructure, physical and virtual gaming spaces, philosophical aspects of gaming, sanctioning of games and esport programs based on the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) ratings, and strategic planning for financial and long-term viability of the university esports program.  The integration of faculty and staff on the advisory team also provides opportunities to connect students with academic programs and courses focused on gaming and the gaming industry.  


Advisory Team Members 

Students:  Brennen Shaughnessy (Super Smash Bros Club President) and Claire Daniel & Jasik Lands (Highsmith Game Room staff)

Faculty: Adam Whitley (Computer Science), Brian Drawert (Computer Science), Rob Shrode (Political Science), Sarah Donnelly (Health & Wellness)

Staff:  Campus Recreation – Wendy Motch-Ellis, Leah Belt; ITS – Alex Nicoholos, & Zachary Hegwood