Starting a New Club Sport

UNC Asheville Campus Recreation is committed to providing students the opportunity to form new sport and activity clubs. If you are interested in starting a new Club Sport, please refer to the application guidelines below. If you have questions please contact

Club Sport Application Process

A minimum number of participants must already be participating in the proposed activity. The following formula must be used:

  • Team Sports (volleyball, rugby, etc.)
    • Minimum # = 1.5 times the number needed on the field/court (ex. Volleyball; 6 x 1.5 = 9 participants)
  • Individual Sports (karate, tennis, etc.)
    • Minimum # = 5 participants

Other Requirements:

  • A letter to the Director of Campus Recreation detailing the name of your club, main purpose and objective of your club, facilities required, equipment needed/used, and any other relevant information as is pertains to the overall operation of you club.
  • A complete membership roster including club officers.
  • A club constitution (example).
  • Meet with the Director of Campus Recreation to review the proposal and determine whether the activity can be accommodated with the facilities and is safe and appropriate for UNC Asheville.
  • Once the Director approves of proposal, it will be presented to the Club Sport Council for the final decision.