As a UNC Asheville Student, Faculty, or Staff, you automatically have access to all programs and facilities by using your RockyCard! With your membership, you’ll have access to group exercise classes, a 6-lane swimming pool, multipurpose and racquetball courts, a cardio and weight fitness room, an indoor track, locker rooms, and more. Retiree also receive free membership, but must purchase a RockyCard if they do not own a UNC Asheville-issued form of identification that has an ID number on the front.


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Information on eligibility, cost, and services available below


Affiliate Memberships are available to spouses, partners, and dependents of UNC Asheville sponsors or retirees who share a physical address.
Campus Partner Memberships are available to MAHEC, Forest Services at UNCA and employees of Chartwells and Follett at UNC Asheville who are employed full-time, working for at least 30 hours a week for at least nine months out of the year
Alumni Memberships are available to UNC Asheville alumni and those who will be alumni by the membership start-date.
OLLI Memberships are available to active members of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UNC Asheville.
AB Tech Pool Memberships are available to AB Tech Faculty & Staf

Eligibility of minors:

  • Dependent minors must be accompanied by an adult at all times
  • No entry permitted to the Sherrill Fitness Center for anyone under 16 years of age
  • No entry permitted to the pool for children in diapers or 4 years old and younger


Membership includes access to the UNC Asheville fitness center, indoor track, multipurpose courts, racquetball courts, pool, and complementary annual locker rental (to be implemented soon). We operate collegiate recreational facilities, and therefore our hours of operation and services are limited to what we can provide with student employment availability and the academic calendar. Thank you for your understanding as we will experience reduced hours during academic breaks.


Memberships are sold at semester and annual rates (annual purchase only available for August – July membership term).

UNC Asheville Retiree

  • Retiree memberships are free, but purchase of a RockyCard is required if you do not own a UNC Asheville-issued form of identification.

Student Affiliate Rates

  • Fall: $150
  • Spring: $150 (1/8/24 – 5/10/24)
  • Summer 2024: $75 (5/13/24 – 8/18/24)
  • Annual (August – July): $375

Faculty, Staff & Retiree Affiliate Rates

  • Fall 2023: $200
  • Spring 2024: $200 (1/8/24 – 5/10/24)
  • Summer 2024: $75 (5/13/24 – 8/18/24)
  • Annual (August – July): $475

UNC Asheville Alumni & Alumni Affiliate

  • Fall 2024: $225
  • Spring 2024: $225 (1/8/24 – 5/10/24)
  • Summer 2024: $75 (5/13/24 – 8/18/24)
  • Annual (August – July): $525

Campus Partner Rates

  • Fall 2023: $250
  • Spring 2024: $250 (1/8/24 – 5/10/24)
  • Summer 2024: $75 (5/13/24 – 8/18/24)
  • Annual (August – July): $575


  • Fall 2023: $250
  • Spring 2024: $250 (1/8/24 – 5/10/24)
  • Summer 2024: $75 (5/13/24 – 8/18/24)
  • Annual (August – July): $575

AB Tech – Pool Membership

  • Fall 2023: $100
  • Spring 2024: $100 (1/8/24 – 5/10/24)
  • Summer 2024: $50 (5/13/24 – 8/18/24)
  • Annual (August – July): $250

Applying for a membership:

To apply for a membership, please submit this form for review. We will attempt to respond to all requests within two business days, but please understand as we implement new systems and invite many new parties to our campus that some processing delays may be possible.

When your membership request is approved, every prospective member will follow similar next-steps:

  1. Membership approval (you will receive via email, please read all contents of this email)
  2. Create of your online membership account (you will complete virtually)
  3. Purchase your membership (in-person at the Student Rec Center customer service desk, located at 400 Wellness Way, or over the phone at 828.323.5650)
    • All payments are now cashless, all purchases should be made via Visa, Discover, or Mastercard
    • If applicable, please note that parking passes must be picked up in-person
  4. Obtain a RockyCard (if you do not already own a University-issued ID with an ID number printed on the front) (in-person)


Please direct all questions regarding membership to Corey Smith at