Membership Prices

It's simple and inexpensive to join Campus Recreation if you are an eligible affiliate of the University. Compare our prices to local gyms and fitness centers ($350 per year is the average cost of gym membership) and see the savings. Please keep in mind that one of the considerations in becoming a member with Campus Recreation is the fact that our hours are not as expansive as area gym memberships. While many of our eligible community members do not mind our reduced hours of operations over breaks and holidays, some may find it inconvenient. Please weigh this issue prior to purchasing a pass with Campus Recreation. You may find other private local gyms more flexible for your needs and schedule. 


  • Please bring valid identification to Campus Recreation for each visit to avoid additional fees and/or being denied entry.
  • When purchasing a guest pass for a friend, the individual with the valid OneCard must be present for the duration of the visit in order to obtain a pass. 
  • Campus recreation enforces membership and access policies at all times. We reserve the right to discontinue services to individuals who are abusing the policies and/or are abusing the staff regardless of membership affiliation. Campus Recreation adheres to a strict NO REFUND POLICY.
  • Children under the age of 1 are free and do not need to purchase a guest/day pass to be with their sponsor.
  • No children younger than 4 years old are permitted in the pool.
  • Children ages 1-15 must be supervised by parent/guardian at all times.


Affiliation Access Guest Passes Day Passes Full Time Part Time Spouse/Dependent (25 & younger)
Students Full $5 $8 $0 $0 $50/year/person
Faculty/Staff Full $5 $8 $0 $0 $100/year/person
Alumni Full $5 $8 $300/12 months $150/6 months Spouse only, same price as Alumni
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Full $5 $8 $350/year Must be members of the OLLI Not Eligible
Spouse Full $5 $8   No part time options Not Eligible
Dependent Age Restrictions in some facilities apply Not Eligible Not Eligible   No part time options Not Eligible
AB Tech Fac/Staff Pool Only Membership Not Eligible Not Eligible $50 Pass is valid for one year No part time options Not Eligible
Mahec Students Full Not Eligible Not Eligible n/a n/a Not Eligible
Pharmacy Students (UNC-CH Students) Full Not Eligible Not Eligible n/a n/a $50.00/year/person