Learning Opportunities

Campus Recreation offers for-credit internships to students whose academic requirements can be accomplished through experiential learning and co-curricular activities offered by the department. Opportunities for research in leadership, marketing, health and wellness, environmental science, and psychology exist within the fields of recreation, leisure, outdoors and social responsibility. Students wishing to engage in undergraduate research are also encouraged to contact the Department.

Research Projects

If you are interested in assessing sport/health and wellnss programs, contact us. We are currently looking for interested students to assist with the design and implementation of an assessment method to evaluate a collaborative fitness model. Contact Debby Schwartz for more details at recsprts@unca.edu.

Internship Opportunities

  • Graduate Intern for Fitness and Facilities
  • Internship with Outdoors
  • Internship with Sport Programs

Practicum Credit

Campus Recreation may be able to provide students with practicum credit hours depending on the nature and requirements of the degree path. If you are interested in getting an experience related to your field, but specific to campus recreation, please contact Debby Schwartz to arrange a meeting with you and your faculty advisor!