Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions participants have about the intramural sports program. For additional information, please email

What if I don't have enough players to form a team?

If seeking players for a team, you can...

  • ask your roommates and neighbors in the residence halls, classmates, and students around campus
  • check for other participants who may be seeking to join a team 
  • attend the captain's meetings to find additional players and teams to join
  • during a season, check teams on to see if they are accepting "Free Agents" and join that team

How many teams may I play on?

Each participant may play on only one team in each league (men's, women's, and/or corec). For example, "John Doe" has created an account in IMLeagues as a male participant so he may play for a Men's flag football team as well as a CoRec flag football team. Captains are responsible for making sure their players meet all eligibility requirements listed in the Intramural Handbook.

What happens if my team does not show up or have enough players to compete in our match?

To avoid a forfeit penalty, teams must contact the intramural sports office by 12 p.m. on game day to accept a default and avoid further scheduling conflicts. Each team is allowed up to 1 defaulted game. If 5 minutes has passed by your scheduled match time and your team does not have the minimum number of players signed in and ready to start play, your team will forfeit the match and the team captain will be assessed with a $20 fine. 

I left my OneCard at home. Can I still play tonight?

No participant may play in any intramural game or event without his or her own valid UNC Asheville OneCard. 

May I officiate and play intramurals?

Yes! We encourage all of our participants to apply to be intramural officials. Schedules are made in accordance to your availability in which officials mark off the days their teams play. We require all of our staff to be positive reflections of our programs while playing. Officials are hired with expectations for working 4-8 hours a week depending on their sport and availability. Officiating is a great way to learn more about a sport you have an interest in and enhance your conflict resolution and communication skills.